Spainish Marketing Specialist

Location: ShenZhen / Department:Marketing department
1. Responsible for the marketing of company products and B2C websites to Sanishish-speaking Market and responsible for Sanishish-speaking market traffic and sales within the agreed budget.
2. Responsible for market research including local b2c marketing info,product trends and competitor research
3. Develop an annual/Monthly marketing plan for Sanishish-speaking market with detail the year's activity to meet agreed company objectives.
4. Maintain promotion chanels as SNS,Forum,business coopertaion etc and develop new promotion chanel.
5. Translate promotional materials and marketing communication from English intoSanishish.

Skills Required:

* Spanishish speaker and writer;
* Available for 2 years;
* Working experience in Online Marketing/SEO/SEM is an advantage;
* Strong research and analytical skills;
* Strong interest in trending analysis;
* Ability to work independently with a positive attitude;

Contact / Tel:(+86)755-83648447
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