SEO Engineer

Location: ShenZhen / Department:Marketing department
1. Responsible for seasonal and annual schedule of SEO promotion for company's English website, coordination of overall SEO projects, and management of team building
2. Research, analysis and assessment of keyword, Web site structure, layout and content of competitors' websites, so as to optimize our SEO work
3. Formulation and implementation of keyword distribution and promotion to ensure the stability of keyword ranking and to improve visiting flows and sales
4. Writing of SEO optimization articls and projects, following of whole progress to monitor data and to feedback quickly
5. Quick and effective adjustment based on SEO optimization results and to make improvement in a long way
6. Development of high qualified outer links
7. Continuous learning of SEO tech and quick respond to SEO trend.

Skills Required:

* English level- CET-4 or higher, with great English editing capabilities.
* Familiar with search engine operating principle technology, knowing its ranking factors. Experienced at building external links & resources.
* Familiar with HTML language.
* Great ability at data analysis. Can do effective analysis and summary on relevant data regularly.
* Great learning, exploring & coordinate abilities.
* Good communication skills and team spirit.
* Love the Internet, willing to join the SEO industry, pursuing self-fulfillment and growth value.

Contact / Tel:(+86)755-83648447
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